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gestion de projet de planche custom

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    INSERTS POSITION     Posted on 28/10/2005
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    Only foot straps inserts position is used by everybody. The pictures just behind show you dimension use by lot of shaper but can and have to be modified.   ...
     by blacksail

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    Shaping ??? What is that ?

    INTRODUCTION  Shaping a board is a genius mix between :  [u] Board scoop (general hull shape),
  • Width,
  • Length,
  • Flex,
  • Deck and hull shape,
  • board thickness and rail shape,
  • F
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    Scoop calculation

    Scoop is the hull shape in side view. The riding behaviour on choppy water and planning performances (flat length) are linked to the scoop shape. ...
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    is under translation !!

         This site is under translation . Coming soon.    bye. ...
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    Equipment - Oven :

    To maximize the strength of a composite board, epoxy resin MUST be well polymerized. Depending on the resin type, several processes exist : UV rays or ...
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    Equipment - Vacuum pump :

    If you want to make a board under vaccum, a vaccum pump is needed. Fridge compressors are the right tool . The vaccum regulation is highly recommanded. ...
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    Equipment - Scoop Table :

    Whatever you want to do in term of TwinType / Mutant, a scoop table is a must !.  [1][2] [3][4] [/4]      To create your own scoop table, the more simple way is to use :   &nb
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